7 Tips to Home Organising and Cleaning Like a Pro

You don’t have to live chaos in lockdown

Have you been missing your Brighter Choices cleaner?

The good news is that we are now allowed to work in limited circumstances. But until we can get back to full capacity, we wanted to share our top seven home organising and cleaning tips.

If your home is like everyone else’s at the moment, it’s probably getting pretty grubby.

No judgement here!

We completely understand.

There’re more people home to make a mess.

You’re trying to help the kids with their schoolwork while holding down a full-time job.

There’re animals to look after, financial stress and 438 meals to prepare a day.

And no one wants to lift a finger to help you.

The dream of working from home is fast becoming a nightmare.  

Is it any wonder that the housework has suffered?              

But if you’re like us, a chaotic, messy house starts to affect your mental wellbeing.

So, we want to share the secrets of how to get your home in order with a minimum of effort.

Get It Together

When your cleaning equipment and products are kept all over the house, it makes the task much more arduous. You’re trying to clean while running back and forth to get what you need. Not only is this exhausting, it’s also counterproductive.

The answer?

Put together a cleaning kit that has everything you need ready to go. We use a purpose-built cleaning caddy. But you can use any container that is easy to carry and the right size. Armed with your cleaning kit, you can stay on target and get the cleaning done much more efficiently.

Pump It Up

Sometimes cleaning is too much to face because it doesn’t seem enjoyable. Change your mindset and your environment.  Pop some happy, upbeat music on. Not only will it brighten your mood, but it’ll also help you to find your groove and clean in a jiffy.

If you don’t have a go-to playlist, check out the Brighter Choices Spotify playlist – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/76HppbZqYgG2OTWyKMKBTd?si=e0d0022331d5442c

Stop Kidding Around

Are you a list person? We make all sorts of lists to organise our day (and because we tend to procrastinate). It stops our minds from wandering and sets our intentions. It prevents us from getting distracted from the things we want to get done.

When it comes to cleaning, having a checklist will help clarify and prioritise what needs to be done. You can also note how frequently cleaning tasks need to be done. For instance, most of us clean the kitchen to some degree each day, but bedrooms can probably be done once a week.

It’s also a great way to involve others (like the kids). You can assign items to each of your children and halve your cleaning load.

Clean Around The Clock

Hold on a second. We’re not suggesting that you should clean at all times of the night and day.

Not at all.

But if you clean an area in a clockwise direction, the job will be much easier.


You’re not dropping dust or leaving footprints on areas you have just cleaned.

Get A Room

No need to blush.

We’re talking about focusing your cleaning on one room at a time.

If you try to do bits and pieces in different rooms, you’ll find you’re wasting time.

Choose the rooms you use most to clean first.

We guarantee you’ll get a wonderful sense of accomplishment from cleaning one room from top to bottom so that it’s sparkling.

Bits And Pieces

Keep a box with your cleaning kit and carry it with you as you clean. Use this box to collect all the bits and pieces that have wandered from their proper home into alien territory.

You know what we mean…the toy cars in the bathroom, the scrunchies on the kitchen bench, the pens and pencils that seem to appear anywhere but where they’re supposed to be.

If you stop and return everything to its rightful place whenever you come across something, you’ll be running backwards and forwards while achieving very little. So put them in the bits and pieces box and leave putting them away until the end.

Be Kind To Yourself

These are challenging times. You’ve got a lot on your plate, so don’t expect too much of yourself. Set one decent goal a day and do your best to achieve it. But if you don’t, remember there’s always tomorrow.


Got any tips of your own? We’d love to hear them. Share your cleaning hacks to #brighterchoicestips, and let’s help each other lighten the lockdown load.

But, at the end of the day, if you find (like most people do) that cleaning isn’t your jam, contact us, and we can give you a quote to clean your home.