Meet the Hills District quality cleaning company leaving a little sparkle wherever they go


Brighter Choices is Emily Brewer’s brainchild.

Emily was fed up with hiring cleaners who:

  • were uninsured
  • damaged her home
  • lost her house keys
  • invoiced her incorrectly
  • showed up late
  • sent someone different all the time
  • let their standards slip the longer they worked for her and her family

Sound familiar?

After being disappointed one time too many, Emily started playing with the idea of creating a Hills District quality cleaning company to fill the gap that she believed existed in the area.

The fact that her friends, family, and social media were all crying out with the same complaints told her this gap was real.

And so, Emily established Brighter Choices. A cleaning company that cares enough to do a fantastic job every single time.

Meet Emily


Emily has worked in corporate recruitment for 20 years. She can literally organise hundreds of staff without breaking a sweat. And she has an innate ability to find the right people for the right job.

Her work experience has been exceptionally useful in finding cleaners with the same aims and values as her.

Emily’s a friendly, bubbly personality who believes that people should get what they pay for.

She also believes that treating staff well and making them happy is the key to having cleaners who do their job to an exceptional standard.

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Brighter Choices’ Mission

It’s Brighter Choices’ ultimate goal to make people happy and to give them their lives back. After all, we live in such a fast-paced world that people are time-poor. Who really wants to spend their weekends scrubbing shower screens and vacuuming?

Emily and her team will polish your kitchen sinks until they shine. They will leave your bathrooms fabulously fresh and hygienic. They will hunt down the dust bunnies on your floor and make them disappear like magic.

Hiring Brighter Choices is an investment in your quality of life.

Don’t dust on your days off.

Play with your kids.

See a movie.

Go out for lunch.

Or enjoy a walk through one of the Hills District’s beautiful bush tracks.