Go from freaking out and frazzled to cALm and in control overnight

There is a solution

The good news is, life organising hacks help.

They give you the time and space you need to face life’s challenges and reclaim your happiness, enjoy some me-time, and take back the smile that has been missing from the weary face you see in the mirror.

Work-life balance is achievable.

Check out our simple hacks and follow the path to a better life.

Hack #1 – Outsourcing

How much time a week do you spend cleaning? Or mowing the lawns and keeping the garden manicured? How about the dreaded and never-ending laundry?

Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your kids, watch past MAFS episodes, watch your footy team kick goals, or enjoy the latest Netflix series?

Wouldn’t you rather come home to a sparkling home than a sink full of dishes, dirty floors, and shower screens that need cleaning

The answer is outsourcing.

The truth is you could spend five hours cleaning and only achieve what one of our professional cleaners can get done in three.

And, we hate to say it, but their level of cleaning is likely to be higher because they’re not distracted by other things and because they are highly trained with an inscrutable eye for detail.

And the best bit?

When you outsource, you’re supporting a small business, and there’s a real feel-good factor in doing that.

Get in touch with Brighter Choices and free up hours of your life each week.

Hack #2 – Divide and conquer

Don’t try to do everything yourself.

It seems obvious, but sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. We think we have to do it all, and if we let go, something won’t get done, or it won’t get done to our standards – standards that are often unrealistic.

You need to let go of control and create a chore schedule. The schedule gives everybody a list of responsibilities. Your spouse can be in charge of all things to do with animals. For example, walking the dogs, feeding them, taking them to the vet, washing them, buying their food, worming them, and making sure they have water. Depending on their age and level of proficiency, the kids might be responsible for taking the bins out or packing the dishwasher.

You sit down and make a clear agreement about who will do what and when it will get done.

And you create a roster that everyone can see so they can’t forget to do things. You can do this using shared calendars on phones. You can even set reminders so that there’s no excuse for missing something.

By doing this you cut down on your physical and mental load. You have less jobs to do, and you don’t have to remember when they need to get done.

Hack #3 – Use technology

We touched on this point above, but smartphones can be invaluable when it comes to lightening your mental load.

Set up a shared calendar so that all family members know what’s coming up.

Your kids will know when their assignments are due at school, so you don’t have to nag them.

Your family will know when to go to the dentist or get the car serviced.

But technology isn’t just about phones, iPads, and laptops.

There have also been some incredible leaps in technology for the home. Invest in a robot vacuum to keep your floors dirt-free between your Brighter Choices cleaning visits.

Automatic pool cleaners will keep your pool free from leaves and dirt.

Slow cookers mean you can throw all that night’s dinner ingredients in during the morning, and you don’t have to face making dinner when you get home.

Hack #4 – Modern-day conveniences

Your weekly trip to the grocery store should be a thing of the past.

You don’t need to spend hours trawling the supermarket shelves for the things you need only to get home and realise you’ve forgotten an essential item.

The big grocery stores like Woolworths and Coles deliver to pretty well all areas in the Hills District.
So, you can shop online and wait for the groceries to magically appear on your front doorstep.

Once you’ve done this a couple of times, the items you buy regularly will be kept as a list you can access, so you don’t even have to think about what you need. You can just select from your past shops.

And as a bonus, if you do forget something, you have a window of opportunity to add it to your order before it’s delivered.
The other advantage is you can track what you are spending and keep within your budget.

Many companies deliver ready-made meals or the pre-portioned ingredients to make different dishes, so there’s no waste.
It takes the effort out of trying to invent new dishes every night. And the ingredients are prepped and ready to use, saving you time.

Hack #5 Automate payments

How often do you forget bills?

And how often are you penalised in some way for paying late?

To avoid this, wherever possible, automate your payments. Have them directly debited from your account.

This will help to reduce your mental load.

What to do when there isn’t a hack

Okay, so we can’t magic all your responsibilities away. You’ll still have to do some things for yourself. But when you’ve got chores that you can’t outsource or delegate, there are still ways to make them less stressful.

For instance, you can phone a friend while carrying out domestic duties. It will feel so much less demanding and unpleasant.

Not a phone person?

We get it.

A lot of people prefer to message friends and family members these days. Some of us have become phone shy. But you can crank up your favourite music, and dance like nobody is watching while you make the beds. You’ll have fun and get in a cardio workout at the same time.


It isn’t selfish or lazy to want to do less

Some people think that employing these tactics is cheating or that they’re being overly indulgent by outsourcing jobs.

But it’s neither of these things.

In fact, by using life organising hacks, you will be more present in your family’s life, you’ll be a happier, less stressed, and ultimately better parent.

When it boils down to it, your family wants you, not nightly three-course meals.

They just want your time.

Choose a less complicated life. Contact Brighter Choices today.