Cut your cleaning time in half with these clever cleaning hacks

New Year, New Cleaning Hacks!

Do you ever feel like Cinderella before the ball?

You know what we mean…thanklessly cleaning up after your family.

There is a better way.

Just follow our cleaning hacks, and you’ll be out on the town in those killer glass slippers in no time.


Our cleaning hacks will save you heaps of time, meaning you have more time to do the things you love.

Because, let’s face it, cleaning probably isn’t at the top of your list of exciting things to do.


Cleaning Hack 1: Shave some time off

If you’ve tried cleaning grubby fingerprints off your chrome taps and handles, you know it takes forever.

And just when you think you’re done, you notice a streak you missed or a watermark you could have sworn wasn’t there a minute ago.

Cleaning chrome isn’t fun.

Our suggestion?

Shaving cream.

No, we haven’t lost our minds.

Shaving cream is brilliant for cleaning all your chrome taps, handles, fixtures, and fittings.

Pop some shaving clean on a cloth and wipe those fiddly areas, then wipe clean.

Bonus tip: You can use the same method on stainless steel appliances.


Cleaning Hack 2 – When life gives you lemons

Cleaning shower screens is a special kind of torture.

It’s hard to make them sparkle.

And the chemicals you have to use to clean them smell so awful.

Here’s where the humble lemon can help.

Cut a lemon in half, wipe it over your glass shower screens and rinse.

And just like that, your shower screen will be gleaming.


Cleaning Hack 3 – Start hanging around

Laundry is as reliable as death and taxes.

It will always be there like a wet blanket to kill your joy.

You’ve probably heard this one. And it’s effortless. But so many people fail to see how much time it saves you that we think it’s worth repeating.

When you take your freshly washed clothes out to hang them on the line, resist the temptation of the plastic peg. Pop them on a coat hanger instead.

Pegs break, disappear, leave tell-tale marks on your clothing, and cause you more work.

If you hang each item of clothing on a clothes hanger on your washing line, you won’t have to deal with folding, ironing, and sorting.

You can just take them off the line when they’re dry and hang them up in the right person’s wardrobe.


Cleaning Hack 4 – Get robotic

People everywhere are ditching their heavy vacuum cleaners.

In fact, they’ve stopped cleaning their floors altogether.

We hear you.

That’s gross, isn’t it?

Nope. Not at all.

With giant scientific leaps in artificial intelligence, robot cleaners are here to stay.

You program it, and it comes out of its little cubby as often as you like and zips around vacuuming your floors.

These appliances are a lifesaver if you’ve got pets that drop hair all through your house.

Do your research and find a reliable and quality robot (there are lots of cheap versions on the market that will only frustrate you).

And if you really want to save some time, find one that vacuums and mops.

We’re not kidding.

The need for a broom closet that launches an array of brooms, mops, and buckets at you every time you open it has practically disappeared.


Cleaning Hack 5 – What a spin-out

Ceiling fans.

They’re great for cooling you down, moving stuffy air around, and reducing your energy bills, but they’re an absolute nightmare to clean.

Hands up who dusts them and then watches the dust fall to the floor, making another mess for you to clean up?

There is a better way.

Use a pillowcase.

Slide the pillowcase over each fan blade and wipe it down. The pillowcase will wipe the dust off and catch it simultaneously.

Brilliant. Right?


Cleaning Hack 6 – Blinded with delight

Whether you have shutters or Venetian blinds, cleaning them is an ordeal.

If you want to make short work of cleaning your blinds, you need a pair of tongs, rags, and bin twist ties.

Attach the rags to the ends of the tongs and secure them in place using twist ties.

Now all you have to do is clamp the tongs along each blade of the blinds, and, like magic, you’ve halved your workload.


Cleaning Hack 7 – Call in reinforcements

The truth is, most of us are so time-poor even brilliant cleaning hacks can’t save us.

Between hideously long work hours, life administration, playing chauffeur to our kids, cooking, and the occasional event in our homes, cleaning gets on top of the best of us.

So, what can you do?


Outsourcing will save your mental and physical health.

Ring the team at Brighter Choices and book a regular clean.

You can use our cleaning hacks between cleans to keep everything orderly.

But you have enough on your plate.

Leave the heavy-duty cleaning to us.