Choose the most professional home cleaners in the Hills District

It will be the best choice you ever make!

Have you been endlessly looking for professional home cleaners who:

✓ Do a thorough job?

✓ Pay attention to the little details?

✓ Don’t let their standards slip over time?

✓ Are reliable and on time?

✓ Clean your home the way you want it cleaned?

✓ Use your preferred cleaning products?

✓ Are easy to contact?

Your search is over.

Brighter Choices will fulfil all of these promises and more.



We know how hard it is to trust a stranger to come into your home and trust them with your most valuable assets.

It’s for this reason we employ our cleaners. We don’t use random contractors who we’ve never met, let alone vetted.

Our staff are all:

  • Fully trained
  • Police checked
  • Insured

You won’t find them rifling through your personal belongings, gossiping to people about what they’ve seen or heard in your home, commenting on your lifestyle choices, or helping themselves to your food and drinks. Sadly, these are real issues that people have had with their cleaners.

You’ll always recognise a Brighter Choices’ cleaner. They’ll show up in uniform and introduce themselves to you before they enter your home.

You can rest assured that our cleaners are professional, friendly, and respectful of boundaries.


We expect a lot of our staff and you should too. Our team will clean your house properly. They won’t dust around your ornaments, sweep crumbs under rugs, or turn a blind eye to something that obviously needs doing. They won’t leave you with streaky mirrors, dirty window tracks, or grimy sinks.

Brighter Choices will leave your house looking sparkling and feeling completely renewed.

Your satisfaction is essential to our staff and us. We welcome your feedback, and we will act on it.



Everyone likes the little extras like a mint on a hotel pillow, right? At Brighter Choices, we’ll delight you with little personal touches and extra touches from time to time. Be on the lookout for them.


Choice of Products

Everyone has preferences when it comes to the kinds of cleaning products they want used in their home.

If you’re into all things natural and strictly want eco-friendly cleaning products, then that’s what we’ll supply.

If you like something with a bit more punch, we’ve got some fantastic products for you too.

What you can rely on is that we will always use appropriate products for your home.

We’ve heard horror stories about Windex being used on furniture and abrasive products being used on gloss kitchen cupboards.

We train our staff to  identify the right product for the job and to check your preferences before they start cleaning.


Trained Staff

We invest time and money training our cleaners. We think the investment is worth it, and we know you will too. Our staff are true professionals and this shows in the quality of the job that they do.


Not only clean but hygienically clean

Ever had a cleaner use the same cloth on your bathroom and kitchen?

It’s yuck, right?

And it means that potentially harmful bacteria, germs, and pathogens are being transferred from the place you…(well you know) to the place you eat.

You can rest assured that Brighter Choices cleaners will never do this.

They adhere to the strictest hygiene standards.

This includes using clean equipment for each job and not transferring the dirt from one job to another.



If you’ve ever had to book a cleaner, you know how frustrating it can be. Missed calls, unanswered messages. Sometimes it takes longer to book a cleaner than it would to just do the job yourself. Right?

Not anymore!

Using our online client portal, you can book a clean with the click of a button. It really couldn’t be easier.


Happy Staff

We make a real effort to make sure our staff love their jobs. We want to attract and keep the best staff so that we can offer you a premium service. We offer our staff training, career progression and a benefits program so that they are richly rewarded for doing a fabulous job.

Happy staff have:

  • A better attitude towards their job
  • Are more productive
  • Are more effective at their jobs

Most importantly, happy staff lead to satisfied clients!



If you hire Brighter Choices, everyone will want your cleaner’s contact details!

Book an appointment with us before they do!